Stakeholder dialogue, knowledge transfer

all partners, lead by project manager

Given the controversial debate on carbon dioxide removal technologies, Test-ArtUp will pursue a fully transparent, proactive dissemination policy, communicating all aspects of technical development, ecosystem assessment, legal and socio-economic evaluation through both social media and more traditional media platforms.

Test-ArtUp will initiate and maintain a stakeholder dialogue with representatives from five sectors of society: (1) maritime industry and energy sector, (2) environmental protection agencies and non-governmental organizations, (3) regulatory agencies that implement and/or enforce ocean regulations, (4) organisations involved in coordinating ocean affairs and ensuring sustainable use of marine resources, and (5) international scientific organisations and intergovernmental bodies that provide policy makers with regular scientific assessments.

In addition to the broader stakeholder dialogue, Test-ArtUp will establish targeted communication and dissemination channels with selected target groups and stakeholders and provide group-specific dissemination products ranging from fact sheets and Q&A information to best practice recommendations online and for download on the project website. To interact directly with stakeholders, Test-ArtUp will establish a Stakeholder Reference Group (SRG) that includes representatives from a broad range of relevant sectors. Stakeholders who are not interested in participating in the SRG dialogue will be given the opportunity to subscribe to a mailing list to receive information about the project outcomes. The SRG will work in an open dialogue that allows co-design of the project activities: users will inform the scientists about what they want to know, and the scientists will try to answer these questions and make them accessible and understandable by adapting the scientific jargon to an easily understandable language.